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1. What call information is covered to reach Certification?


In Sales we cover how to handle price, specific vehicle inquiries and how to set an appointment that will show up. We also cover the correct way to open any phone call, getting the customer contact information and making sure they have directons to your store.


In Service we cover how to ask for the appointment before giving a price, the correct way to give a price once it is needed and how to up sell. We also cover

the correct way to open any phone call, getting the customer contact information and making sure they have directons to your store.


In Parts we cover how to ask for and secure the sale over the telephone, the correct way to paint a picture of when you'll have out of stock parts and how to move the caller from parts to service install.


Receptionist and Office Staff are trained on how to answer the telephone correctly, how to trasfer a call and dealing with irate customers. We also work with them on logging sales and customer complaint calls so you know what is going on when customers call.


2. Does it take ten weeks to get certified?

We train them each week until they pass certain criteria and sound professional with our trainers. Once they reach their course criteria we record the session (of them using the material) and send it to you. If they sound good to you, they are certified. If not we continue.

3. How many session are allowed a week?

Your people can train up to three times a week at forty-eight hour intervals. We encourage them to train at least twice a week but they will be rquired to train at least once.

4. How often do you call my people to get a session done and how long does a session last?

We will call a minimum of once a week. Our trainers may call a single person up to three times if they're are having a hard time getting a hold of a participant. A session can  last anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes. It really depends how long we can get them to stay on the phone. We alsways try for the maximum time.


5. Does a participant have the same trainer for each session?

We try and assign a specific trainer to each participant through certification.
If your personnel call the training center and their specific trainer is unavailable we will put them with another trainer just for that session.


6. After they graduate is the training over?


No. The Certification covers Level I training. After they are certified they will continue to train each month to complete Level II and Level III training.


7. What are the live training department hours?

Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. pacific standard time.


8. How often do I get training reports?


Every week you’ll have a report faxed or e-mailed to you until a person becomes certified.

After certification we send a monthly report for retrain session performed.


9. Do you only cover incoming calls?


Level III training covers out-bound calling with all personnel. Outbound phone training covers  be backs, missed appointments, orphan owners, lease returns, and classiied advertising calls. We also cover service customer follow-up call coaching too.


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